Love is in the Earth Books  


Love is in the Earth: The Crystal & Mineral Encyclopedia
  The LIITE Fantastic, The Last Testament Hardcover 

Love is in the Earth: Passport to Crystals - The Little Book 

Love is in the Earth: Laying-on-of-Stones Updated, The Journey Continues

Love is in the Earth: Crystal Tarot: The Tarot for the Millennium 

Love in in the Earth: Kaleidoscopic Pictorial Supplement Z

Love is in the Earth: Reality Cheque 

 International best-selling author, Melody holds a Masters degree in Mathematics. A Scientist residing in Colorado, her extensive understanding of the metaphysical and of the mineralogical aspects of the mineral kingdom has stimulated and has promoted world-wide interest in her work. She traveled extensively throughout  the world, and is sponsored to conduct comprehensive crystal workshops, private consultations, and awareness seminars.    
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